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Easy at Home and On the Go Workouts

Over the last few weeks I’ve been limited on time so I’ve been capitalizing on quick at home or impromptu workouts. When I can’t make it to a class I have two 10 minute workouts that I turn to avoid skipping my workout all together. 

If you’re short on time, or aren’t in the mood to go to the gym, I recommend trying them! You’ll enjoy how easy they are and absolutely no equipment is needed.

10 minute all over workout 
30 seconds of side knee ins
30 seconds of wide arm push ups
30 seconds tricep push ups
30 seconds of mountain climbers 
30 second plank
30 seconds of open close jump squats 
30 seconds of high knees 
Repeat 3 times


Learning the Ropes- Beauty Atelier with Elizabeth D'Amico Makeup

I had the pleasure of attending one of my best friend's first ever Beauty Atelier this past weekend. I'm sure you're wondering what a Beauty Atelier entails.


Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

Every year around Passover I start to look for recipes for desserts I can bring as "thank you's" to the dinners I'm attending. Over Passover, you can't eat any leavened products, so this eliminates a lot of the traditional dessert (and food as a general statement) options. Instead of resorting to using Matzo based flours or recipes (they are not my fave) I always look for more creative recipe options. Anything flourless is all good for this holiday, so I tend to start there.

I actually found 2 recipes I was planning to try, but only got around to making these brownies. Since I typically don't bake, I was nervous they would be dry or lacking something. Well, they were not. They are fudgey and rich and absolutely delicious.


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